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Fixture designing, 3D modelling
Fixture designing, 3D modelling

Casting is oriented on:

  • pressure diecast of aluminum and zinc alloys (weight of casts from 1 g to 5 kg);
  • accurate casting of steel and copper alloys on smelted samples, colored casting in chill mold and sand mold (weight of molds up to 40 kg);
  • thermal processes: carbonitration, nitration, manufacture of details made from thermoplastic materials;
  • manufacture of plastic details by method of direct and transfer molding on hydraulic presses (V up to 1400 cm3);
  • manufacture of industrial rubber on presses with force up to 100 t;
  • manufacture and designing of fixture (a×b = 1000×800 mm): casting mold, press-form, chill casting fixture, all kinds of dies, cutting and measuring tools, including different facilities.

Performed technological processes:

Name of technological processTechnological process purpose, kinds of workNomenclature and characteristics of machined devices, blanks, details (material, dimensions, mass)
Pressure diecastBlocks and details performing by pressure diecast. Metal fettling.Blocks, parts from aluminum alloys of AK12, AK5M, AK8M (GOST 1583-93) marks. Weight of product detail: from 0,001 to 2,1 kg.
Investment castDetails performing by investment cast. post-casting machiningApplied materials: steel 35L, steel 20x13L, brass, bronze. Weight of product detail: from 0,01 to 1,7 kg.
Gravity die casting-Applied materials: aluminum alloy AK12, AK8M (GOST 1583-93). Weight of product detail: from 1,1 to 10 kg.
Casting in sand mold-Applied materials: aluminum alloy AK8M (GOST 1583-93). Weight of product detail: from 0,1 to 30 kg.
Pressure diecast p/massDetails manufacturing on thermo-machine with injection volume from 30 cm3 to 800 cm3 with use of system equipment for materials preparation before processing.Applied materials: glass-nylon composite, carbamide, bulk polystyrene, copolymer, shock-resistant polystyrene, polyvinylchloride elastron.
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