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Electric actuators for NPP

Electric executive mechanisms “for NPP” manufactured by “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC are exploited successfully at nuclear stations of Russia (Beloyarskaya NPP, Leningradskaya NPP), Ukraine (Khmelnitskaya NPP), and foreign countries.

The enterprise produces single-turn electric executive mechanisms (EEM) of “for NPP” performance, where the following designations are authorized:

  • MEO – electric single-turn mechanism;
  • 100 (125,…, 1600) – nominal torque of the mechanism;
  • /15 (25,30) – nominal full stroke time;
  • 0,25 – value of full stroke (rotations);
  • AS – for nuclear stations;
  • ASO – for nuclear stations under shield of nuclear reactor.

The above stated EEM are produced according to Technical specifications:

  • 9G4.030.050TS – for nuclear stations of Russia;
  • 9G4.030.050-01TS, 9G4.030.050-02TS – for foreign NPP;
  • MEO – 100/15-0,25ASO is produced according to Additional technical specifications 9G4.030.050-01-1TS – for foreign NPP;
  • MEO – 1600/30-0,25AS is produced only according to Technical specifications 9G4.030.050-01TS – for foreign NPP.

Security class:

  • for Russian NPP – 2N, 3N;
  • for foreign NPP – 2NU, 3NU.

All EEM have:

  • seismic stability category – 1 by NSNP-G-5-006-87;
  • IV performance group of interference stability, functioning quality criterium A by GOST 50746-2000;
  • IP65 protection degree, for portable power supply unit – IP54 by GOST 14254-96.

Climatic performance:

  • for Russian NPPs – UZ.1** (from -10°C to +50°C);
  • for foreign NPPs – TOR (Terms of reference) (from -10°C to +50°C).

All electric mechanisms have limit, position and snap switches, double-ended torque limiting facilities, visual position pointer and manual override, also, MEO body built-on current position sensor — signal converter (SC). MEO-1600AS electric mechanism has built-in current position sensor.

Power supply unit of current sensor (PSCS) is situated beyond MEO. PSCS enters into MEO scope of supply. Besides, mating parts of plug-and-socket connectors of MEO and PSCS enter into scope of supply of MEO. MEO power supply – from three-phase mains 380V 50Hz with grounded neutral. MEO power supply is performed by 220V 50Hz voltage. MEO cover complies with requirements of decontamination solutions stability (composition 7).

All electric actuator have lower mass in comparison with analogues, manufactured in Russia and abroad, what allows to reach higher seismic stability rates of valve.

Single-turn electric executive mechanism MEO-100/15-0,25ASO

With 100 Nm torque “under shield of reactor”.

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