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Data acquisition, control and recording systems

Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov Design Bureau develops, manufactures and introduces solid-state memory data control and recording aircraft systems for more than 15 years. Technologies improving and accumulated experience by the enterprise gave opportunity to modernize obsolete systems, placed on boards of aerial vehicles with minimal costs.

ZBN-T recorder is developed on basis of solid-state memory module, conformed to regulations of TSO C 124 and intended for standard use as a part of aircraft recorder (AR) “Tester UZ-L (LK)” instead of units M2T-3 (M2T-3-3) and 5IM (without completion of the object).

Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T can be applied on aerial vehicles with installed systems “Tester UZ-L (LK)” – MiG-25, MiG-27, MiG-29, MiG-31. Being an independent device, it can be installed on other types of aerial vehicles with minimal instruments and software completions if necessary.

Aircraft flight data recording device Tester UZ-LT

Aircraft generalized crew control and warning system Ekran

Modifications: Ekran-03M, Ekran-03ME, Ekran-03ME-01, Ekran-13M, Ekran-03ME, Ekran-03ME-01, Ekran-02M, Ekran-02ME, UB-06E(06E-01), UB-06EKP-01-2.

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