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Expendable jammers dispensing system UV-50new

The UV-50 system for dispensing of expendable jammers is intended to provide defence of objects against Air-to-Air guided missiles and Air Defense Missile Complexes by means of available, developed, and upgraded jammer cartridges by their shooting from the dispenser units placed on objects.

Dispenser units (BV), power and locking unit (BBP)
Dispenser units (BV), power and locking unit (BBP)
Structure chart of UV-50
Structure chart of UV-50


  • dispenser units (BV),
  • power and locking unit (BBP).

BV ensures:

  • placement, transportation and application of jammer cartridges;
  • formation of management signals on intellectual impulse cartridge of jammer cartridge;
  • data readout and analysis on jammer cartridge presence, its type;
  • data transfer to consumers of unit and jammer cartridge condition via standard interface.

BBP ensures:

  • formation and switching of voltages for dispensing units;
  • blocking of starting chains of management in BV units for operation safety of emission of expendable jammers dispensing system.

The UV-50 operating modes control is carried out by the computer of Stores Management System (SMS) via one of standard interfaces (multiplex bus, channel BSC and etc.). The shooting parameters are formed dynamically by SMS computer based on the threat type data and current flight data coming from the aircraft equipment subsystems. The unified electronics developed by Kursk “Pribor” JSC ensures development of jammer dispensers for different calibre and purpose cartridges, including cartridges with electronic code, so the efficiency of object defence is raised by shooting of optimum set in one salvo.

Thus, the possibility of cartridge types identification with dynamic management of shooting and use of SMS computer, provides the integrated complex which controls the preparation and employment of not only required number of any aircraft weapon types, but also different types of cartridges and that increases efficiency of the object combat application at essential decreasing of losses.

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