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Solid-state load controller TKN

A series of solid-state load controllers (TKN) is developed, presented as powerful intellectual keys, intended for power electromagnetic relays and contactors (to currents from 2 to 30 A) replacement.

TKN controller is applied in domestic airborne equipment as switches of direct current circuits, instead of electromagnetic power relays.

Solid-state load controller TKN
Solid-state load controller TKN
Industrial award “Golden chip”
Industrial award “Golden chip”

Protected against:

  • load overcurrent;
  • short circuit;
  • overheating.


  • commutation of aircraft electrical power system of 80 V in the current ranges up to 2 A, 10 A, 20 A, and 30 A;
  • galvanic decoupling between control and power parts;
  • in-depth built-in test with load and integral controller status analysis.

The design ensures the mechanical strength and component seal.


  • Overall dimensions — 47 ő 36 ő 14 mm.
  • Weight — 35 grams, max.
  • Supply and control voltage — 5±0,5 V.
  • Switch on/off delay — 1/0,01 ms, max.
  • Output resistance at open state — from 28 mOhm up to 9 mOhm.

Environmental factors:

  • Operating temperature — -60…+85° C.
  • Limiting temperature — -60…+100° C.
  • Vibration — 10…2000Hz, 30g.
  • Linear acceleration — 15 g.
  • Low pressure — 5 Hg mm.

Engineering procedures applied at manufacture of TKN:

  • Copper gas-dynamic spraying onto nichrome, aluminium, ceramics.
  • Manufacture of ceramic cards with 300 µm conducting paths.
  • Flux-free vacuum soldering of power semiconductor chip bases.
  • Ultrasonic unsoldering of power semiconductor chip bases with 300 µm by aluminum wire.
  • Attachment of gold 50 µm outputs of unpackaged chips by thermal-compression microwelding.
  • Precise laser processing manufacture of low-value non-inductive ammeter power resistors.
  • Seal with thermostable organic silicon compounds.

Foreign analogues: controllers SSPC (P140, P150) by Leach International.

TKN controller – is a winner of contest of “Golden chip” award in “For achievements in designing of import-replacing products” nomination in the frames of the 3-rd International exhibition “ChipEXPO-2005”.

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