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Power supply for UAV and robotic systems IP-BLAnew

The enterprise develops and manufactures power supply units on basis of lithium-ion (lithium-polymeric) accumulators.

Power supply for UAV and robotic systems IP-BLA (general view)
Power supply for UAV and robotic systems IP-BLA (general view)

Power supply is equipped with:

  • lithium-ion (lithium-polymeric) accumulators,
  • control system and condition control,
  • electrochemical capacitor (option),
  • charge device,
  • intellectual system of power switching.

IP-BLA features:

  • possibility of adjustment of status parameters in the digital and analog form in the course of work (the starting mode, the established mode, transitive a mode and emergency mode);
  • function of overcurrent, temperature and overvoltage protection;
  • possibility of status signal conditioning, which define value of switched current at present time;
  • built-in management and control.


  • starting of additional power units;
  • power supply of main and emergency consumers;
  • power supply for special device.


  • Rated voltage – 12 V, 24 V; 25,2 V (depending on purpose).
  • Capacity – up to 200 Amp-hour.
  • Current at starter mode – up to 1000 Amp.
  • Maximum current of continuous discharge – up to 100 Amp.
  • Power supply unit provides with data exchange with central computing facility via CAN (ARINC-825) or any other matched protocol.

Perspective directions of developed power supplies application:

  • unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • robotics,
  • automobile industry,
  • telecommunication,
  • electro transport,
  • standby power supply system,
  • railway transport.

Power supply unit is manufactured by module principle and can be elaborated under concrete object with technical and mass-dimensional characteristics according to requirements specification.

The system is protected with invention patent. The offered systems are manufactured according to requirements specifications, coordinated with customer to a specific object.

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