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Set of airplane and throttles control sticks KRUSID

Stick set KRUSID is installed on the aircrafts of the T and Su types.

Airplane control stick (ACS), throttles control knobs (TCK)
Airplane control stick (ACS), throttles control knobs (TCK)
Operating controls-to-avionics interface unit (BS OOU)
Operating controls-to-avionics interface unit (BS OOU)

Hardware and software of the set consists of:

  • Reliable compact operating controls based on stacks and eddy current sensors fit for any aircraft type and intended to produce analogue signals of manual control and discrete commands.
  • Operating Controls-to-Avionics Interface Unit (BS OOU).
  • Airplane Control Stick (ACS).
  • Throttles Control Knobs (TCK).

ACS and TCK provide with:

  • logic of interaction between crew and avionics;
  • “HOTAS” principle realization;
  • optimal ergonomics of crew workplace and cockpit.

ACS head has minimum size what practically eliminates flight deck shading.

Switching components could be implemented as contactless ones.

OOU interface unit ensures:

  • operation of standard OOU placed on ACS and TCS, conversion and transfer of data from OOU to avionics via two bipolar serial code lines;
  • generation of signals to mating equipment as discrete commands of:
    — 27V at load current up to 0,2A,
    — 5V at load current up to 0,015A;
  • efficient input of new operating programs at aircraft building plants and customer organizations.

Power supply is provided from direct current net of rated voltage 27V in accordance to GOST 19705-89.

Operating controls principle of operation

Operating controls “Gashetka-M”, “4P-S”, “PS3-M” and “KNM” are electromechanical contact switches and are designed for generation of discrete commands.

The knob “KU-S” is based on an eddy-current sensor. When in a magnetic field produced by inductive coils a conducting nonferromagnetic body is placed, then the body produces a magnetic flow, directed against the coil magnetic flow, what leads to the change of the coil resistance and current. The change is a wanted signal, and further it is hard and software processed by the BS OOU unit.


Contact type electromechanical trigger with tactile effect and forced reset to neutral position. There are three positions: 1 — neutral; 2 — preset; 3 – combat mode.

Knob “KU-S”

Knob KU-S has a floating head automatically returning to neutral position. It generates two analogue signals simultaneously proportional to vertical and horizontal angle of head deflection from its original position

Tetra-Pole Switch “4P-S”

Tetra-Pole Switch 4P-S is a contact type electromechanical switch with tactile effect. It has a head in an axisymmetric step truncated pyramid. It generates one discrete command in each of its four end positions, and two discrete commands, when pushing the head, which is returning to neutral position automatically.

Three-pole switch “PS3-M”

Three-pole switch PS3-M is a contact type electromechanical switch with tactile effect, contact-type, with square arched actuating head (or another form on the customer's request). It switches discrete commands in each end position and returns to neutral position automatically.

Press button “KNM”

Press button KNM is an electromechanical button with tactile effect, returning to neutral position automatically and with a function of discrete commands generation.

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