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Ground system for flight data readout and processing MAGNIT

MAGNIT ground system for flight data read-out and processing is designed to perform all on-ground operations with an aircraft equipped with the MBR recording system and its modifications.

Ground system for flight data readout and processing MAGNIT
Ground system for flight data readout and processing MAGNIT

MAGNIT system ensures:

  • rewriting of parametrical, sound, and voice data recorded with the MBR system on a computer hard disk;
  • archiving of parametrical, sound, and voice data files on the computer hard disk or recording of on-ground operations and flights selected by data and aircraft number on CD;
  • automated processing of parametrical and sound data with the software ZARYA developed by "Aviaavtomatica" Design Bureau;
  • calibration of analogue signals incoming from the aircraft and recording of calibrations on the computer hard disk and into the MBR memory;
  • playback of flight data (recorded parametrical, sound, and voice data) through an earphone (stereo headphones);
  • documentation of decoded flight data with type-out;
  • view of received calibrated characteristics;
  • calibration date and executor with type-out;
  • the MBR maintenance: set of aircraft number, date, flight, and indication of the MBR system built-in test results;
  • view of the MBR on board operating time;
  • indication of analogue signals, discrete commands, and digital data incoming into the MBR from the aircraft via code links in real time at debugging.

MAGNIT system ensures optional:

  • presentation of flight path following the terrestrial map;
  • express analysis of object technical state;
  • 3D view of object movement.

MAGNIT system composition:

  • portable computer of notebook type in commercial or industrial version;
  • cable of communication "notebook-aircraft";
  • electronic switch of HASP type for protection of the software ZARYA;
  • flash-memory;
  • earphone (stereo headphones);
  • special software on two CD;
  • maintenance documentation.

MAGNIT system can be adapted for processing of data coming from any solid-state recording system by means of software adjustment.

The software ZARYA, ingressed in the MAGNIT system, is certificated in the State Flight Safety Centre and included in the Register of “Special software for flight data processing systems, admitted to use on aviation enterprises of the Russian Federation” 2011, part I, item 217). As the function-independent software product, the software ZARYA can be supplied separately with installation on the personal computer of customer.

MAGNIT system software is developed with using of the most up-to-date software engineering environment. It was tested under control of independent authority (military authority) and it can operate in state-of-the-art operating systems of Windows family (2000, XP, Vista, 7).

MAGNIT software has an assistive user interface, help at all stages of operation and built-in protection from wrong operations.

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