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Compact flight data acquisition and recording system MBR-GA-02

Ensures reception and processing of flight data coming via digital and analog links from aircraft systems, intercom and area microphones, recording of the data into a solid-state recorder and survival in case of a flight accident.

Compact flight data acquisition and recording system MBR-GA-02
Compact flight data acquisition and recording system MBR-GA-02

Data coming from sensors and aircraft equipment:

  • analogue signals — 34 inputs;
  • discrete commands — 48 inputs;
  • GOST 18977-79 (ARINC429) — 5 channels;
  • RS232 / RS422 — 2 channels / 2 channels;
  • audio from crew — 3 inputs;
  • audio from area microphones — 1 input;
  • conversion accuracy of analogue parameters — 12 bit;
  • initial sampling frequency up to 64 Hz;
  • recording rate 256, 512, 1024 12 bit words/sec.

Data transfer to MFD and other systems:

  • GOST 18977-79 (ARINC429) — 1 channel;
  • RS232 / RS422 — 2 channels / 2 channels;
  • Ethernet (ARINC646) — 1 channels.

Main parameters of the system:

  • data protection meets international standard;
  • MTBF — 10000 hours;
  • Power consumption — 17 W, max;
  • Weight — 5,9 kg, max;
  • Parametric data recording for 30 hours, min;
  • Parametric data recording for 2 hours, min (for each channel).

Composition of the system:

  • MBR unit (with sonar beacon).
  • PU RRI-3 control unit (data input and processing of audio data from area microphones).
  • Airborne operational recorder EBN-1KD with removable memory stick (optionally).
  • Microphones UMD-3 (from 1 up 3 pc).

Data readout and processing:

  • from the board (recorder) via Ethernet channel to the laptop;
  • from the protected memory stick to a PC (by means of readout);
  • the system is adopted for data readout at data processing software ZARYA, WinArm32 and TOPAZ-M.

Entry service information and identification data:

  • is performed from console in volume: date, flight, time, centering, takeoff weight, commander code (entering data composition can be defined more exactly);
  • convenient pictorial interface, regulating of representation brightness, highlight, representation of recorder time, etc.

The system is also able to perform the following functions if required:

  • calculation of the flight performing limitations and operating duty accounting;
  • generation of current flight data and calculated data (heading, roll, pitch, etc.) to airborne equipment including MFD via ARINC 429, RS 232, RS 422 and Ethernet;
  • solution of the tasks, extending the aircraft operational performance due to available computational resources.

MBR-GA-02 and its software have been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee and State Center of Civil Aviation Flight Safety.

Maintenance of MBR-GA-02 on board is carried out with use of MAGNIT ground system, manufactured by “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau and a system of a customer, adapted to MBR-GA-02.

The system can be adapted for any light or medium aircraft after retuning of inputs and increase of computing capabilities.

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