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Aircraft data recording system ZBN-GA

Aircraft data recording system ZBN-GA is intended for audio/voice and digital parametric data as a part of aircraft flight data control and recording systems. The systems provides with recorded flight data rewrite to ground processing systems KARAT-N-02 or TOPAZ-MGA, recorded flight data saving in case of flight accident.

Aircraft data recording system ZBN-GA
Aircraft data recording system ZBN-GA


  • Specified life of the system – not less 10000 h.
  • System power supply through two independent inputs — +27V.
  • Power, consumed by the system, up to 30 W.
  • Built-in control system with depth 95% is available.
  • Absence of necessity to carry out scheduled works.
  • Acoustic hydro-indicator is available.
  • Mass – up to 11,3 kg.


  • Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-MR.
  • Control console of voice data recorder PU RRI-1.
  • Microphone dynamic facility UMD-3 (3 pcs).

Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-MR, as a part of ZBN-GA system, passed certification in Aviation register of Interstate aviation committee. Serviceability certificate SGKI ¹ 161-163-ZBN-MR is available. Approval ¹ 214-023-1 of Tu-214 airplane installation for PU RRI-1 console and UMD-3 microphone dynamic facility is available.

ZBN-GA provides with:

  • digital parametric data receiving and recording, incoming from acquisition and processing systems through ARINC 717 communication line, with transmission speed 64, 128, 256, 512 or 1024 words/s within not less than 25 latest recording hours and in “ring” mode with 256 words/s speed;
  • voice data receiving through three narrow-band 150-3500 Hz channels from AV internal communication equipment and one wide-band 150-5000 Hz channel from open microphones of cockpit through PU RRI-1 console, and its processing and recording within not less than two latest recording hours in “ring” mode;
  • synchronization of all incoming data from universal time system of AV (aviation electronic chronometer of HAE-85M type through ARINC429 or ARINC717 channels);
  • erasing of recorded audio and voice data at the command coming from PU RRI-1 console;
  • recorded data release at external command through ARINC 646 channel (Ethernet) for rewriting to ground processing systems Karat-N-02 or TOPAZ-MGA for further processing and analysis;
  • medium saving and its recorded data, necessary for investigation in case of flight accident in conformance with requirements of international standards.

Aircraft data recording system ZBN-GA can be applied on board of AV as protected voice (audio) data (dictaphone), protected parametric data recorder or protected combined (associated) voice (audio) and digital parametric data recorder.

ZBN-GA system is developed by “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau joint with GosNIIAS.

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