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Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T

“Aviaavtomatika” named after Tarasov” Design Bureau JSC has been designing, manufacturing and introducing solid-state aircraft data control and recording systems for more than 15 years. Improving of technologies and experience accumulated by the enterprise gave opportunity to modernize outdated systems placed on boards of AV with minimum costs. Recorder ZBN-T (for its Russian initials) is developed on basis of solid-state memory module, conformed to international standards and intended for standard application as a part of BUR “Tester UZ-P (PC)” instead of units M2T-3 (M2T-3-3) and 5IM (without completion of the object).

Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T
Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T

Protected aircraft recorder ZBN-T can be applied on aerial vehicles with systems “Tester UZ-L (LK)” installed – MiG-25, MiG-27, MiG-29, MiG-31. The device can be installed on other AV types with minimal equipment and software completion if necessary, being a self-maintained facility.

ZBN-T improves operational characteristics of system “TESTER UZ-L (LK)” by:

  • introducing of progressive way of flight data recording (use of solid-state memory instead or magnet tape);
  • increasing of reliability;
  • reduction of data readout and processing time.

Processing of recorded data is performed with the help of ground processing facilities received for supply, and, in addition, data copying, recorded during flight, is performed through sequential interface RS232.


  • Continuous work time – not less 24 hours.
  • Recorded time storage – not less 1 year.
  • Readiness time – not less 1 min.
  • Memory capacity – not less 1024 MB.
  • Power consumption with heating – up to 40 W.
  • Mass of ZBN-T – 5,6 kg.
  • Dimensions of ZBN-T – 147x115x250 mm.
  • MTBF during flight – 10 000 hours.
  • MTBF in the air and on the ground – 6 000 hours.
  • Speed of data transmission through parallel interface ensures data copying at a speed of 10 times higher than recording speed at 256 words/s mode, through sequential – 30 times higher.

Protected solid-state memory module ZMP-K


Fulfilling requirements of international standards is performed by characteristics of applied protected solid-state memory module ZMP-K, intended for flight data recording in nonvolatile memory and its storage in case of flight accident:

  • Memory capacity – not less 1024 MB.
  • Dimensions – 79x188x118 mm.
  • Mass – up to 4 kg.

Conformance to requirements of international standard (approved with positive results of tests in State specialized center of aviation testing FKP "GkNIPAS" with participation of representatives of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation):

  • shocking overloads up to 3400 g;
  • temperature up to 1100° C with 100% flame coverage and heat flow not less 158 kW/m² within 30 min.;
  • static load up to 2270 kg,
  • impact of penetrating strike (a tip of diameter 6,35 mm, fall of weight 227 kg from height 3 m);
  • stay in sea water at a depth of 6000 m within 30 days.

Comparing with a replaceable device

Units Ě2Ň-3 + 5IĚ of "Tester U3-L" system
Units Ě2Ň-3 + 5IĚ of "Tester U3-L" system

Replaceable units of system “Tester UZ-L” was observed as an analogue: magnet recorder in protected container M2T-3 and recording amplifiers unit, reproduction and self-control 5IM, available for operation. ZBN-T fully corresponds to replaceable units, but exceeds in volatile memory capacity, reliability, data security degree at air crash and in readout speed.

Name of characteristicsUnits M2T-3 + 5IM of “Tester UZ-L” systemZBN-T
Input dataParallel binary codeParallel binary code, interface RS232
Medium of dataMagnet tapeSolid-state nonvolatile storage
Memory capacity, MB5not less 1024
Recording or registration time, hours316
Output dataParallel binary codeParallel binary code, interface RS 232
Reliability (MTBF), hours100010 000
Mass, kg6,0 (M2T-3) + 1,9 (5IM)5,6
Dimensions, mm147 x 115 x 250 (M2T)
136 x 93 x 161,5 (5IM)
147 x 115 x 250
Extreme impactsInternational standardInternational standard

ZBN-T recorder:

  • It is capable for operation as a part of BUR “Tester UZ-L”.
  • It can be interfaced with unit 1IM in data receiving mode through parallel interface, corresponding to output interface of 1IM BUR “Tester UZ-L (LK) unit”.
  • It can be interfaced with hardware “Obzor-MP”, “Dozor”, USI-TM, T-23LK and KPA 1IS, ground flight data processing is performed by complexes “Dozor”, “Topaz-M”, ARM-OK.
  • Having dimensions and connecting sizes of one of two replaceable units, namely, M2T, weights 5,6 kg, what is less than total mass of replaceable units.
  • Passed all types of tests with participation of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, serial device.
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