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Emergency-operational flight data acquisition and recording system KARAT-B-29K

Provides with data receiving and processing incoming through digital, analog and discrete communication lines from aircraft systems and airplane speaking device, its registration to solid-state recorders and storage in case of flight accident. Flight data processing is performed by ground system.

The system can be adapted to any airplane by means of software adaptation and increasing of computing facilities productivity.

Emergency-operational flight data acquisition and recording system KARAT-B-29K
Emergency-operational flight data acquisition and recording system KARAT-B-29K
Ground system KARAT-N
Ground system KARAT-N

KARAT-B-29K combines functions of emergency recorder, voice data recording system, on-board automatized control system, provides with SOK data recording.

  • Parametric data recording – within 25 hours.
  • Voice data recording – within 4 hours.
  • Recording of data, incoming from SOK – within 10 hours.
  • Protected memory capacity – up to 1 GB.
  • Built-in control.
  • MTBF – 3000 h.
  • Power consumption – less than 50 W.
  • Mass – less than 18 kg.

Under servicing of KARAT-B-29K by ground processing system, the following is provided:

  • flight data readout and transmission to ground data processing system;
  • carrying put of technological and calibration works on the object;
  • flight data express analysis;
  • voice data reproduction;
  • deep test-control of Karat-B-29K system as a part of airplane;
  • monitoring of data acquisition and processing in real-time mode;
  • preparation of calibration characteristics file and its saving in memory of Karat-B-29K system;
  • recorded flight data rewrite to ground equipment, its automatized processing and analysis;
  • documenting of data processing results.

Composition of KARAT-B-29K:

  • Data acquisition and processing unit BSOI-1K.
  • Multifunctional protected aircraft recorder of parametric and voice data ZBN-MR1, including protected memory module.
  • Operational aircraft recorder EBN-1M.
  • Compact rescued recorder MSBN-1K.

Data acquisition and processing unit BSOI-1K


Provides with:

  • Data receiving and processing, incoming:
    – through communication lines by international standard — 2 channels;
    – through communication lines ARINC-429 – 18 channels;
  • from off-line sensors in the form of one-time signals – 160 inputs;
  • from off-line sensors in the form of analog signals – 64 inputs;
  • control command forming – 30 inputs;
  • performance of flight and ground control algorithms;
  • on-board aircraft performance limitations (APL) processing with releasing of results to MFCI of the object.

Multifunctional protected aircraft recorder of parametric and voice data ZBN-MR1


Provides with receiving of:

  • voice data through 2 channels (one of them is wide-band);
  • parametric data in accordance with ARINC-717 (747);
  • other data, incoming through Ethernet channel with speed – not less 100 Mbit/s.

Protected memory module capacity – up to 1 GB.

Possibility of acoustic hydro-indicator (AHI) is provided.

Data readout is performed through Ethernet channel.

Extreme impacts in accordance with international standard:

  • shocking overloads up to 3400 g;
  • temperature up to 1100° C within 30 min;
  • static load up to 2270 kg,
  • penetration (a tip of diameter 6,35 mm, fall of 227 kg from 3 m height);
  • sea water 6000 m within 30 days.

Operational aircraft recorder EBN-1KM


Provides with data recording to quick-detachable unprotected flash-card.

  • Interface Ethernet 100 Mbit/s.
  • Card memory capacity is from 256 MB.

Compact savable recorder MSBN-1K


Provides with data recording to partially protected flash-card.

It is shot out from airplane together with pilot's seat in case of flight accident.

  • Interface Ethernet 100 Mbit/s.
  • Capacity of the card memory from 256 MB.

KARAT-B-29K interacts with ground system “Topaz-MK”, applied for operation.

KARAT-B-29K – is a combined development with “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau, GosNIIAS (Moscow) and “Techpribor” JSC (Saint-Petersburg).

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17 October

Sandip Wadagule

e-mail:, city: Pune Maharashtra India

we are having one Topaz-MK system with us and want upgarde the same with latest hardware.
In this regard we want some componants like NIP 32 storge with 32 GB or higer Capacity.
RMM-12 with 12 GB or Higher capacity. and PC interfcae readers for both the storges for Data dowenloading.
Thanks & Regards
Sandip Wadagule

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