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Operating airborne recorder EBN-USBnew

Operating airborne recorder EBN-USB with interface USB is intended for digital flight data recording, storage and data transfer to a ground data processing unit via SATA II or USB 3.0 channels (if using fitting connection cable to the ground processing unit).

Operating airborne recorder EBN-USB
Operating airborne recorder EBN-USB


  • Weight ≤2 kg.
  • Unit overall dimensions, max — 180õ100õ80 mm.
  • Power consumption without heating circuit ≤ 15 W.
  • Volume of recording data – from 64 GB.
  • Data recording speed — from 30MB/s.
  • Data readout speed in ground data processing unit – from 30MB/s.
  • Data readout interface in ground data processing unit — USB 3.0/2.0 SATA II/
  • Data exchange interface with airborne equipment and recording data reception Ethernet 10/100/1000, AFDX on basis of two channels Ethernet 10/100/1000.
  • Audio data reception, channels — 4*.
  • Video data reception, channels × quality — 2 × HD or 4 × SD*.
  • External factors resistance meets the requirements ŹŅ/160D EF and GOST RV 20.39.304-98.

Distinctive features:

  • universality of application (video recording via HDV two channels or SDV four channels, audio and parametric data);
  • compatibility with next-generation avionics systems (AFDX interface);
  • reduced time of flight data copying recorded by the unit;
  • increased volume of flight data recorded by the unit;
  • absence of special devices for connection to ground data processing unit;
  • ability of data recording via one of the following channels without special devices for connection:
    — ARINC 664 ÷.7 (AFDX);
    — Ethernet 10/100/1000;
  • possibility of hardware-software processing of video, audio and parametric data with simultaneous recording and transferring to monitoring systems in real time.

Note: * — can be implemented at unit modification working out.

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