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Monoblock unit RRMnew

Monoblock unit RRM combines functions of airborne recorder and emergency radio beacon and is intended for standard placing onboard of an aircraft as devices of recording and preservation parametrical, sound, voice and video data, also in case of flight accident, for the purpose of its further ground processing performing the following tasks:

  • accident cause identification and preconditions for it;
  • crew actions estimation at flights proceeding;
  • estimations of systems, aggregate, power unit, radio-electronic systems and complexes operation, units, power-plant, radio-electronic systems and complexes in the data volume defined by the registered parameters list.

The emergency radio beacon which has been built in the monoblock unit, is intended for search reduction of a monoblock in case of flight accident.

Monoblock unit RRM
Monoblock unit RRM


  • Memory capacity 32 Gb.
  • Data protection in concordance with international standard.
  • Data reception coming via Arinc 717/747.
  • Video data reception coming via Arinc 818.
  • Voice/sound data reception coming via 4 channels (3 narrowband + wideband).
  • Data reception/release via Arinc 429.
  • Data reception/release via Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-TÕ (čėč AFDX ļī Arinc 664).
  • Data reception/release via RS 485.
  • Reception of discrete commands no less than 20 pcs.
  • External factors resistance in concordance with KT-160D.

Distinctive features:

  • Preventive compiling of instruction in flight for the emergency radio beacon activation in the situation unique characterizing the approach of flight accident.
  • Switching of radio beacon IRM-243BR in operating mode (a mode “Crash”) radiation of the modulated radio signal on frequency of 243 MHz for maintenance of search and rescue services drive to the location of the onboard recorder.
  • Monoblock unit RRM application practically in all types of aircrafts is provided by presence of the interfaces applied in aviation.

The development is being performed joint with “SRI Space instrument-making” JSC.

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