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Compact protected recorder MZBNnew

Distinctive features of compact protected airborne recorder (MZBN) are minimum weight and dimensional characteristics, wide range of interfaces for connection with airborne electronics, applying of heat-shielding corresponding to international standard requirements.

Recorder is developed on the base of a flash memory module compliant with international standard, which characteristics compared with the best foreign analogues.

Compact protected recorder MZBN
Compact protected recorder MZBN

MZBN specifications:

  • Weight — no more than 3 kg.
  • Volume — 2,7 l (121 x 184 x 123 mm).
  • Power consumption — 13,5 W.
  • Memory capacity — 32 GB.
  • Reception of data coming via Arinc 717 (747).
  • Reception of data coming via Arinc 429.
  • Reception of video data coming via Arinc 818.
  • Reception of data coming via Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T (or AFDX via Arinc 664).
  • Reception of voice data coming via 4 channels (3 narrowband and 1 wideband).
  • Date transfer in ACARS system.

Distinctive features of the recorder:

  • increased probability of recorded air data storage after exposure of damaging factors at flight accident (data storage after serial heat cycling 1100° C for 1 hour and 260° C for 10 hours);
  • reduced weight and size of protected recorder in comparison with serial ones;
  • increased volume of current tasks;
  • increased service life;
  • broadband data transfer to ground-based input-output unit via Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T;
  • video data recording into solid-state recorder coming via standard video recording system.

Developing of MZBN is carried out with use of modern achievements of electronics, physics, chemistry.

Technologies of high-speed data exchange via Ethernet 1000 BASE-T and Fiber Channel, video data recording and it’s synchronization with parametric data and voice date are realized in MZBN.

New technologies of data protectability increasing have been developed and applied in the MZBN designing:

  • Multiplanimetric design of complex thermal protection for operability assurance irrespective of external temperature influence (in the range of temperatures from –60°C to +1100°C);
  • Production technology of thin-layer heat insulation with coefficient of heat conductivity 0,04 W/m K based on nanomodified mineral fibres;
  • Production technology of high-energy heat-absorbing product (the heat absorption energy is more than 2000 J/g) of solid dispersed structure.
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