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The 15th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021

‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC as part of ‘KRET’ JSC took part in the 15th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021 from 20 to 25 of July.

The MAKS 2021 air show took place in the context where the opportunities for an international presence were significantly limited by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection. Despite all the stress factors, the exhibition retained a large-scale representation of both Russian and foreign companies. The exhibits represent 538 Russian companies and 91 foreign participants from 20 countries. A real feat for MAKS was its hybrid format that allowed attracting 202 foreign companies from 53 countries. Thus, the exhibition was attended by 831 exhibitors from 56 countries.

‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ joint-stock company as part of the Concern ‘Radioelectronic Technologies’ demonstrated a wide range of military and civilian products:

    • the ‘RSUO’ weapons control system from the Su-35 aircraft equipment;
    • the ‘UV-50’ expendable jammers dispensing system of electronic countermeasures from Su-35 aircraft equipment;
    • the ‘KNOPKA’ control sticks set for aircraft and engine control;
    • the ‘Karat-B-29k ser.2’ flight data acquisition, processing and recording system from the MiG-29K aircraft;
    • the ‘SPPD’ cockpit panel illuminating system;
    • the ‘SPDV’ airborne monitoring and diagnostics system of aircraft critical parts state;
    • the ‘MBR-GA-01 ser.1’ compact flight data acquisition and recording system;
    • the ‘MZBN’ compact protected airborne recorder;
    • the «ISSKOR» integrated flight data acquisition, control, processing and recording system;
    • the ‘REP’ power supply distribution system;
    • the ‘EPS’ emergency power supply;
    • the ‘DSOU’ leak detection sensor of the integrated air conditioning system;
    • proximity sensor.

The focus of attention at the Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021 was the presentation of the Su-75 ‘Checkmate’, a multifunctional light tactical single-engine fighter of the fifth generation, which surpasses the French ‘Rafale’, Swedish ‘Gripen’ and American ‘F-35’ in its characteristics. The first flight of the fighter is scheduled for 2023, and mass production is scheduled for 2025.

In the field of civil aviation, the jewel in the crown was the MS-21-310 medium-range passenger aircraft with a domestically produced engine, which has brilliantly completed its flight program. For the delegation of specialists of ‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC, participating in the development of onboard radio-electronic equipment of the aircraft, a special demonstration of the aircraft was organized.

The specialists of ‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC, held meetings and negotiations with spokespersons from ‘Russian Helicopters’ company, ‘IRKUT’ corporation, ‘Sukhoi’ company, ‘Mil&Kamov’ National Helicopter Center JSC, ‘Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation’ PJSC, ‘PRIBOR’ research and production association, ‘Kazan Helicopters’ JSC, ‘ELECON’ JSC, ‘Ural works of civil aviation’ JSC.

The specialists of ‘Aviaavtomatika’ took part in the conference “Technical re-equipment of production sites of the enterprises of cooperation of manufacturers of the main parts of UAVs S-70”, held by ‘Sukhoi’ PJSC, and the conference “Complex of airborne equipment of unattended avionics”, organized by “KRET” JSC.

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