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The XIV International Helicopter Industry Exhibition “HeliRussia 2021”

‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC as part of ‘KRET’ JSC took part in the XIV International Helicopter Industry Exhibition “HeliRussia 2021” at Crocus Expo exhibition center (Moscow) from 20 to 22 of May.

The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and was held on through the initiative and support of Helicopter Industry Association pursuant to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1606-r dated 07.19.2019. The lead partner was the ‘Russian Helicopters’ holding company.

163 companies from 13 countries of the world took part in the exhibition (Great Britain, Germany, Libya, New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea).

10 thousand people attended the exhibition this year.

‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC demonstrated the following developments:

    • the ‘RUV-28’ helicopter control sticks;
    • the ‘MBR-GA-01’ ser. 1 small-sized system for flight data collecting and recording;
    • the ‘SPDV’ on-board system for monitoring and diagnosing the state of critical components and parts of vital aircraft units;
    • the ‘MZBN’ small-sized protected on-board flight data recorder;
    • the ‘EBN-410’ operational flight data recorder;
    • power distribution system;
    • the ‘BBPD’ wireless data transmission unit;
    • the ‘BZK-8’ protection and switching unit;
    • the ‘SK-40B’ electrical heat exchanger;
    • the ‘BBPR’ uninterruptible power supply unit of the recorder;
    • the ‘TK1-27’ solid state switch;
    • proximity sensor;
    • Wi-Fi antenna;
    • the ‘DSOU’ leak detection sensor of the integrated air conditioning system.

At the exhibition, the specialists of ‘Aviaavtomatika’ named after V. Tarasov’ JSC, held meetings and negotiations with spokespersons from Russian Aircraft Corporation ‘MiG’ JSC, Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘GosNIIAS’, ‘Scientific Production Enterprise ‘Topaz’ JSC, ‘Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Design Bureau’ JSC, research and production complex ‘SEVERNAYA ZARYA’ JSC, ‘Factory named after G. Petrovsky’ public JSC, State Transport Leasing Company ‘GTLK’ JSC, ‘Sensor’ LLC, ‘Irkut’ Corporation JSC.

Our enterprise, represented by Denis Bulatnikov, chief designer for power electronics and power supply systems, took part in the IX Research and Practice Conference about on-board avionics. The subject of his report was “Hardware-software complex for flight data monitoring and processing, with the ability to conduct a preliminary express analysis on board of the aircraft”.

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