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International military-technical forum “Army-2017”

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC took part in military-technical forum "Army-2017"

From 22 to 27 August 2017 year “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC took part in military-technical forum as a part of “Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies” and “United Aircraft corporation” PJSC.

The forum was held in compliance with Russian Government edict on the basis of “Patriot” military-patriotic park of culture and leisure of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Alabino military training ground and Kubinka airfield.

In comparison with the previous year, the exhibition area was increased considerably, improved infrastructure, enlarged airborne and navy clusters at this major event, occurring for the third time running. More than 1000 biggest concerns, companies, design bureaus participated in the forum. Traditionally, they presented up-to-date and advanced pieces of defence production. More than 100 countries directed their delegation to the forum.

Static and dynamic demonstrations were traditionally conducted this year, where about 600 pieces of state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment was engaged. The first time possibilities of night weapon employment was demonstrated within “Army-2017”. The most fascinating part of the program were flights of aerobatic teams: “Russian knights”, “Swifts”, “Russian falcons”, “Berkuts (Golden Eagles)” which came out on multifunctional fighters and attack helicopters.

Total area of expositions in pavilions and at outdoor stages exceeded 300 thousand m2. There was placed more than 11 thousand Russian and foreign showpieces in 40 thematic segments. According to media reporting of the Ministry of Defence, scientific-technical developments and achievements were presented by 80 enterprises and companies from 14 countries, the forum was visited by 47 foreign military delegations, 18 of which were headed by ministers of defence.

Signing of 23 government contracts and 3 additional agreement with 17 enterprises of military-industrial complex for a total amount of 170 billion rubles became key event of the forum. It is 40 billion more, than at “Army-2016”. Yuriy Borisov, deputy Minister of Defence made a point that almost all models of the weapons, purchased at the forum, had received approval in Syria. Russian armed forces will obtain beyond 600 pieces of new equipment, 200 more will be modernized.

Within the forum representatives of KRET and Russian Ministry of Defence signed reports of transfer to the forces «Krasukha-2O» electronic warfare system, intended for electronic countermeasures of air-based radars, “Moskva-1” automation facilities complex for electronic warfare military units, “Vitebsk” onboard defence complex, intended for aircraft and helicopters personal protection against air defense systems and air-launched missile systems. Supply of all production to the forces is performed within State Defense Order.

Enterprises — members of the concern, including “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” presented mockups of products for demonstration of advanced avionics.

Equipment, designed and manufactured by “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” was mounted in “Rostec” State Corporation on KRET exhibition stand in aircraft and helicopter cockpits mockups, demonstrating real operation of flight navigation complex, electronic display system, avionics:

• 280N-01 stores management system;

• SPDV airborne monitoring and diagnostics system of aircraft critical parts and essential units detail state;

• MZBN compact protected aircraft recorder;

• EBN-42T operating airborne recorder;

• REP power supply distribution system;

• UV-50 expendable jammers dispensing system of electronic countermeasures;

Separately there were presented at the show case:

• UV-50 expendable jammers dispensing system of electronic countermeasures;

• RUV-28 helicopter control stick;

• KMPOU operating controls set;

• MBR-GA-01 ser.1 compact flight data acquisition and recording system;

• SKD-28 monitoring and diagnostics system.

Aircraft samples were demonstrated on “Kubinka” aircfield on PJSC “UAC” pavilion: Su-35 4++ generation multirole super-maneuverable fighter jet, MiG-35 4++ generation advanced multifunctional lightweight fighter, MiG-29 fifth generation deck-based multirole fighter, Yak-130 combat training lightweight attack aircraft.

23.08.2017 closed demonstration of Su-57 PAC FA Russian fifth generation advanced multifunctional fighter took place. Pavilion of United Aircraft Corporation was visited by Sergei Shoigy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC presented advanced developments for fourth generation multirole fighters on its stand on “Kubinka” airfield:

• RSUO stores management system from Su-35 aircraft equipment;

• UV-50 expendable jammers dispensing system of electronic countermeasures from Su-35 aircraft equipment;

• KNOPKA operating controls set of aircraft and engines control from complex of Su-35 aircraft;

• SMS stores management system from airborne avionics of MiG-29K aircraft;

• Karat-B flight data acquisition, processing and recording system from complex of MiG-29K aircraft.

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