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MAKS-2017 international aviation and space salon

8-th International aviation and space salon was held in Zhukovsky Moscow region from 18 to 23 July.

Participants of the salon are 880 companies, including 180 foreign from 35 countries. The event was attended by 452300 participants and guests, who watched flights of 8 aerobatic teams and 90 aerial vehicles.

The main goal of MAKS is demonstration of Russian cutting-edge technologies and openness of domestic Russian market for joint projects with foreign partners. The aviation salon is held under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation. It guarantees high-level organization and representativity.

Business potential of the aviation salon comprised more than 600 billion rubles, including aircraft agreement for 400 billion rubles, cooperation agreements for 170 billion rubles and delivery contracts for amount of 36 billion rubles. It includes 24 Sukhoi Superjet aircraft, 46 MS-21 aircraft, 50 Il-114-300 aircraft and 46 helicopters.

The biggest premiers of MAKS-2017 are MiG-35 Russian fighter at the stage of completing official tests, Mi-8AMTSH-VN military airlift helicopter modernized by taking into account experience gained by pilots in Syria; a range of Russian aircraft engines and fire-support means. Yak-152 training aircraft and Mi-28NE attack helicopter took part in demonstration flight program for the first time. Total 90 aircraft participated in the flight program. According to expectations, first 37 aircraft will be ordered, final number can reach 258 machines in case of complete replacement MiG-29 fleet with aircraft of this modification. Additionally, MiG-35 has significant export potential. It suggests increasing of orders backlog for Aviaavtomatika named after V.Tarasov, because a range of items is installed on MiG-35 (stores management system, expendable jammers dispensing system, flight data monitoring and recording system).

Concern Radio-electronic Technologies (KRET) as a part of Rostec State Corporation presented at International and space salon MAKS-2017 more than 200 advanced developments, which attracted great interest of participants and guests of the aviation salon.

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Main part of KRETs exposition was situated in large pavilion C3, which was visited by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, Sergey Shoigu, the head of the Ministry of defense, Dmitriy Rogozin, deputy Chairman of the Government of RF, Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation, Sergey Chemezov, director of Rostec State Corporation, Victor Bondarev, Commander-in-Chief of Russian Aerospace Forces, Russian hero, Anatoliy Serdiukov, industrial director of Aviation cluster of Rostec State Corporation for the time of salon work. They highly appraised developments of the Concern according to the results of visiting.

36 enterprises demonstrated their developments at MAKS-2017, particularly avionics systems and complexes almost for all up-to-date Russian aircraft and helicopters.

At MAKS-2017 Aviaavtomatika named after V. Tarasov demonstrated its developments in three of nine thematic zones, introduced at Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies stand:

• Stores management systems;

• Flight data recording systems;

• Operating controls.

Prototypes of aircraft and helicopter cockpits with installed advanced developments of the Concerns enterprises were also presented at KRETs stand.

Aviaavtomatika named after V. Tarasov presented its developments in helicopters cockpit:

- fragment of stores management system from complex of Mi-28NE helicopter aviation weapon;

- expendable jammers dispensing system which formidably increases capabilities of Khibiny onboard defence system to protect the fighter from missiles attacks;

- Airborne monitoring and diagnostics system of aircraft critical parts and essential units state of aircraft;

The following was presented in aircraft cockpit:

- compact protected airborne recorder;

- operating airborne recorder;

- power supply distribution system

Within the work of MAKS-2017 specialists of Aviaavtomatika named after V. Tarasov held negotiations and meetings on main thematic directions of the enterprise in accordance to approved plan.

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