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X-th international exhibition of helicopter industry Helirussia-2017

Representatives of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC at HeliRussia-2017.

The anniversary 10th International exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia-2017 was held from 25 to 27 July in Moscow – the biggest industry exhibition in Europe, demonstrating full range of products and services of the helicopter industry. Premiere shows of flight prototype of “Afalina” helicopter, a new eco-friendly ECOX7 “Greenfly” aerocar took place, first time “Ventocopter” R1 and A1 autogyros were presented, the first flight of a new Ka-62 Russian helicopter in Arsenyev was confined to the beginning of the exhibition. Whereafter, a special press-conference on this subject was held on the second day of HeliRussia-2017.

Among international models, visitors’ attention to be turned to Russian assembled Bell 407GXP and AW139, Safari Canadian light helicopter, AW119 Grand New, and also medevac Airbus H145 helicopter – these helicopters are operated now by the Moscow aviation center.

Representatives of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC were present at HeliRussia-2017: Anatoliy I. Pankrushev chief designer for operating controls, Oleg F. Budyansky chief designer for flight recorders, Alexey N. Chaplygin chief designer for power electronics and power supply systems.

“Aircraft equipment” the 5th scientific-practical conference was held in the context of the exhibition, conducted by Pavel D. Lytkin – director for avionics of “Russian helicopters” JSC, Yuryi N. Koptev Doctor of Engineering, chairman of Scientific-technical council of Rostec state corporation was presented in the presidium.

Ivan E, Mukhin deputy general designer for investment projects of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov made a report at the scientific-practical conference. The subject of the report: Intellectual diagnostic and prognostic systems of operating capability and technical condition of helicopter critical parts. Main technical solutions for creation of diagnostic facilities of technical condition of airframe and main units of aerial vehicles were presented. Scientific-technical directions of creation of monitoring facilities of a pilot’s physical condition during flight were shown.

Interest to the subject of a helicopter pilot’s psychophysical condition diagnostics was expressed by chief specialist of research and certification department of an aircraft cockpit ergonomics, integrated displays and indicators of TACAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System) and ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) of branch “Research and Development Institute of Air Navigation” of GosNII GA.

Exchange of views was made with mass media and foreign economic activity specialist of NII “Ekran” concerning interaction of intellectual systems of aircraft and pilot current state diagnostics with systems of long-term prognostics and integrated logistic support of aircraft maintenance.

Questions on the subject of diagnostics and prognostics system of helicopter vital parts and units were asked to Ivan Mukhin by specialists of company-integrator of satellite solutions “MVS Telecom”. An agreement about holding the next meeting and negotiations about possible cooperation was reached in the course of the talks.

Problems of perspective of continuation works on flight safety system creation under conditions of extreme north and low visibility were discussed with chief designer of Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

Also, Ivan Mukhin established contacts with head of unmanned aerial vehicles designing department of Moscow Aviation Institute and deputy head of MAI helicopter designing department.

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