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International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016

9th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016 has taken part in Moscow.

From 19 to 21 of May “Aviaavtomatika” named after V.Tarasov” JSC in structure of Concern Radio-Electronic technologies JSC has taken part in International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016 on the basis of IEC Crocus Expo.

Expositions of 219 companies, including 45 foreign, from 16 countries have been presented in 2016 on the area of 12230 sq.m: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Republic of South Africa and Czech Republic.

14 helicopters, and also 16 UAV models were shown on HeliRussia 2016.

Traditionally, the integrated exposition of Rostec Corporation and 23 enterprises which are in its structure has been presented on HeliRussia: holding Russian Helicopters – the Title sponsor of the exhibition, “Rosoboronexport”, “KRET”, etc.

KRET declared development and planned start in production in 2017 of the newest complex of radioelectronic warfare for helicopters which will come to troops in 2018-2019, and also has shown the civil version of protection system of President-S helicopters.

The prototype of a cabin of the high-speed helicopter made of glass demonstrated from which knots, units and computer technologies a fighting vehicle consists today. Systems and devices developed by a number of the enterprises have been installed in the cabin: Ramenskoye Design Bureau JSC, “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC, “Voskhod” JSC, etc.

In the cabin were also installed:

Helicopter control sticks;

Multipurpose jammer dispensing units;

Airborne system of monitoring and diagnostics of critical units and details of aircraft vital components;

Compact flight data acquisition and recording system MBR-GA-01 ser.1;

Operating airborne recorder EBN-42T;

Power supply distribution system;

Standby power supply RIP.

Besides, “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC has presented product samples of military and civil purposes on a display at the exhibition:

Stores management systems;

Ñompact protected airborne recorder MZBN;

Operating recorder of monitored data ERKI;

Ground system of flight data readout and processing MAGNIT.

At HeliRussia according to the approved plan of specialists participation of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC negotiations and meetings with heads and leading experts of aircraft producer enterprises have been held.

During negotiations and business meetings questions of possible participation of the companies in developments of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC were discussed, offers of joint projects on the directions were spoken out.

Within work of the exhibition on May 19, 2016 a scientific and practical conference “Airborne Equipment” under the leadership of the deputy CEO of KRET G. I. Dzhandzhgava took place. The specialists of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC have taken part in it. The report “Scientific and technical ways of practical implementation of the concept of complex helicopters flight safety” were made by deputy general designer for the investment projects I.E. Mukhin. Also specialists of Society have taken part in the eighth International Conference “Market of helicopters: realities and perspectives" and in round table discussion “Monitoring and diagnostics equipment as a factor of helicopter industry development”.

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