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Participation in international helicopter industry show “HeliRussia-2012” (Moscow, Russia)

V International helicopter industry show “HeliRussia-2012” (19-21 May 2011 year, Moscow, MVC “Crocus Expo”) was held in accordance with the Russian Federation Government order ¹1310-r. The organizer – is Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Arranged by “Russian Helicopter Systems” CJSC.

Purpose of Kursk “Pribor” JSC participation in “HeliRussia-2012” show was further marketing research of the field, forming a certain level of knowledge of potential customers about developments and the enterprise image, development of the enterprise strategy based upon created conditions.

Specialists on main subject directions – SUO and flight data recording systems.

Developments were presented at “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau booth:

  • Stores management system 35P for object Su-35,
  • Operating controls OOU for object Su-35 as a part of RUS, RUD right and left, BSOOU unit,
  • Solid-state load controller TKN for object Su-35,
  • Aircraft flight data control and recording system KARAT-B-29K-02,
  • Activation unit of radio-beacon BARM-1,
  • Compact flight data acquisition and recording system MBR-GA-02,
  • Compact protected airborne recorder MZBN,
  • and also corporative booklets, data sheets, electronic presentations and placards on the enterprise subject, souvenir products.

MBR-GA-01 system for Mi-717 helicopter and advertisement-informational, materials was placed at united exposition of Concern “Aviation instrument-making”.

Special interest from the direction of specialists, who visited the show, was attracted by new development of Kursk “Pribor” JSC of “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau – compact protected aircraft recorder MZBN. Demonstration of sound and video data was held in real-time mode at the booth.

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