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International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2005

16-21 august 2005 year. 7-th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2005 took place in Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

“Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau – a competitor of all previous International Salons MAKS in Zhukovsky, the first time at MAKS-2005 was presented by three expositions:

  • as a part of SPC “Technocomplex” (Pavilion J)
  • as a part of “Sukhoi” AHC (Pavilion D)
  • as a part of the Air Force of Russia (Pavilion 18)

Samples of equipment, electronic presentation, technical presentation films, polygraphic products were exhibited. Advertising-information support was held in Russian and regional mass-media.

“Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau specialists took part in press-conference of SPC “Technocomplex”, presentations, visited expositions of aircraft constructing and adjacent aviation instrument-making enterprises.

Aim of “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau participation: further marketing research of the field, the enterprise strategy development under the created conditions, informing of potential customers about the Design Bureau developments and image of the enterprise.

The following items were presented at the exhibition booth:

  • Fragment of stores management system.
  • Flight data recorders for military and civil aerial vehicle.
  • Expendable jammers dispensing system.
  • Solid-state load controller.
  • Information-analytic real-time system.

Account must be taken, that theme “Flight data recorders” was paid with special attention:

  • First, contacts with shipbuilding enterprises proceeded.
  • Second, opportuneness of ZBN-T development and replacement of magnet tape recorders for solid-state was especially noted because of appeared serious problems with “Taster-UZ-L” use on aerial vehicles.
  • Third, specialists, who visited the exposition, noted possibility of compact aircraft recorder MBR application in small aviation.

Foreign specialists from countries of China, India, Syria, Canada, Germany, France, Malaysia and other were interested in our developments in the field of flight data recording.

During holding of MAKS-2005, a range of negotiations, meetings, technical conferences, including with representatives of companies form India, England, France was conducted by “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau leaders and specialists.

At MAKS-2005, during visiting expositions of enterprises, “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau specialists paid special attention to: modern technology of development performing, manufacture and operation organization; original designing-technologic solutions; perspective element base.

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