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The developers accumulated unique experience in development, testing and production of aircraft radio-electronic equipment for the past years. The results of constant searching and adoption of advanced technologies for ensuring all the stages of the products life cycle are being discussed at scientific-practical conferences, holding on the basis of the enterprise.

Subject direction conferences “Stores management system” and “Flight data recorders” promote a wide experience exchange, searching of new partners and customers, introduction of novations in designing, manufacture, service.

Conferences on subject “Stores management systems”, held on basis of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC

  • I industrial scientific-practical conference over stores management systems (SUV) creation problems was held on 11-14 of June of 2014 y. in Kursk over STM MAP (Scientific-Technical Meeting of Ministry of Aircraft Production) decision. The notion of SUO itself had no official existence before this conference.
  • II industrial scientific-practical conference was held from 13 to 15 of June of 1979 y. 23 lectures and messages from 7 enterprises of MAP, IHE and customer institutions were heard already.
  • III scientific-practical conference “Problems of unified stores management system” occurred on 29-30 of May of 2002 y. in Kursk. The participants exchanged experience in the field of engineering and perfecting of aircraft stores management systems and represented their views and offers concerning SUO in modern and perspective onboard radio-electronic equipment.
  • IV scientific-practical conference “Perspectives of stores management systems development” occurred on 19-20 of September of 2007 y. Scientific support problems of the subject development, structural building of perspective SUO, scientific part increasing, including software and designing technologies, perspective element base.
  • V scientific-practical conference “Perspectives of stores management systems development” occurred on 21-22 of September of 2011 y. Problems of aircraft digital computing systems, engineering and designing, software, stand practicing, functional abilities widening and interconnection of weapon management systems with board radio-electronic equipment, problems of automated control and maintenance, and perspective SUO creation for aircrafts of the next generation were touched upon during the conference.

Conferences on subject “Flight data recording systems”, held on basis of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC

  • I scientific-practical conference “Problems and perspectives of flight data recorders creation” took place on 18-19 of May of 2004 year.
  • II scientific-practical conference “Problems and perspectives of emergency recorders creation (black boxes)” was held on 7-8 of June of 2006 year. Problems of parametrical and speech data recording and storage systems development, flight data control parameters recording, not only air but marine security providing problems, problems of recording systems structural engineering, structure of software and technologies of its development, system engineering of information ground (ship) processing, were discussed by the conference participants.
  • III scientific-practical conference “Flight data recorders” occurred on 20-21 of May of 2008 year. Problems of scientific support of the subject development were discussed. Questions and problems of recording systems creation for planes of the 5-th generation were examined at the conference.
  • IV scientific-practical conference “Flight data recorders and real-time information-analytic systems” was held on 19-20 of May of 2010 year, which determines partnership principles, constructed mutually beneficial cooperation mechanisms, including a part of new technologies, for market introduction of a competitive product for modernizing and again created aircrafts in Russia.
  • V scientific-practical conference “Flight data recorders” occurred on 6-7 of June of 2012 year. A wide exchange of theoretical and practical work experience was performed on directions of development of aircraft and ship recording systems of parametric, speech data, parameters recording of automated control system and objective control system. The conference, occurring the fifth time in Kursk, promotes moving forward in producing of the directions, allowing to make a new level step in the field of recorders development.
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