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18th of February of 1953 year. The USSR Regulation of Council of Ministers ¹ 495-248 of series building of aircraft instrument making plants, including object A-156 in Kursk.

In addition to existing aircraft instrument making plants, military-industrial Commission under CC CPSU rule makes a decision to create new Design Bureau, including in Kursk city.

13th of November of 1958 year on the ground of Order ¹456 of State Committee for aircraft engineering (SCAE) chairman Dement’ev P.V., enterprise “Pochtoviy yaschik 50” was formed (at present “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau of Kursk open joint-stock company “Pribor”), which became a branch of Ramenskiy Design Bureau -149 (at present “Ramenskoe design company” JSC, Ramenskoe, Moscow Region).

Design Bureau structure and missions formed in SCAE under USSR Council of Ministers. The best aircraft industry economists and scientists were involved for that. Enterprise “Pochtoviy yaschik 50” has been created as a subdivision of allied meaning in structure of SCAE equally with scientific-research institutes and of aircraft industry test centers.

1st of January of 1959 year – date of Kursk plant “Pribor” foundation.

5th of November of 1959 year. First production output of Kursk plant “Pribor”.

Gyro-induction compass GIC-1
Gyro-induction compass GIC-1
Inductive sensor of the course ID-3
Inductive sensor of the course ID-3
Course system GMK-1
Course system GMK-1
Indicators of the position UPES-26 and UPES-34
Indicators of the position UPES-26 and UPES-34

Midyears of 60-ths. Range of the Design Bureau products reached 70 items. Work of the enterprise functions in closer cooperation with design bureaus of Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Yakovlev, Tupolev, Ilyushin, Antonov, Beriev, Mil, Kamov.

Electro rejects transfer ESBR-70
Electro rejects transfer ESBR-70

1966 year. Staff of the Design Bureau proceeded to master new direction: determination of aircraft parking weight and center of gravity position.

1967 year. The first experimental pattern of stores management system SUV-1, combining functions of separated command directors to uniform stores management system (SUO) was tested in the Design Bureau.

Experimental sample SUV-1
Experimental sample SUV-1

At the turn of 60-th and 70-th years. High necessity of unified specialized weapon management system (SUO for its Russian initials) for all types of aircraft appeared in connection with increase of aircraft controlled armament types, increase of points of suspension number, use of combined ammunition loads in one attack. The Design Bureau was entrusted with their development, scientific support of the SUV subject area was implemented by GosNIIAS (Moscow).

1970 year. Prototype model SUV-1 was brought for flight tests.

26th June 1973 year. “Pribor” production and design association (PDA “Pribor”) with the Design Bureau (PDB) entered into its composition was created on the basis of serial plant “Pribor” in accordance with the order 5 of Main Directorate of Ministry of Aircraft Production ¹204c.

1974 year. The first SUV creation industry scientific-practical conference was held in Kursk.

Participants of the first branch scientific-practical conference on the problems of creation SUO
Participants of the first branch scientific-practical conference on the problems of creation SUO

1975 year. The system SUV-2 for aircraft of Design Bureau named after A. Mikoyan was created.

1976 – 1980 years. Systems SUV-2ML, SUV-2-26, SUV-2MP for MiG-23ML, MiG-27Ì, MiG-31 planes of Design Bureau of A. Mikoyan were created. Systems SUO-Ò8, SUO-54, SUO 1 6Ì for planes of Design Bureau of P. Sukhoi are being developed.

1977 year. Start of the work over the second generation of SUO: 10P for Su 27, 20P for MiG 29.

The 80-es. Research and development (R&D) of SUO creation are performed, which original engineering solutions create technical backlog for further development and forming SUO of the next generation: SUV-252 for Ka-252-TB helicopter, product “Igla”. Almost every warplane and helicopter of USSR air forces is supplied with systems, created at the enterprise.

1986 year. The first microassembly of VA-001 was produced. In-house fabrication microassemblies are applied in almost all the PDO developments.

Beginning of the 90-es. Crisis in USSR. The leaders of the enterprise succeeded in:

  • excluding of production suspension,
  • preserving scientific and industrial personnel,
  • retaining aircraft instrument-making profile of the enterprise,
  • finding new subject areas of activity, providing personnel with workload,
  • implementing entry of the enterprise production into international market.

The enterprise represents its production on International air shows.

1994 year. Order of the Government of the Russian Federation ¹ 372-ð dated 24 of March for privatization of Kursk production association “Pribor” and assignment of 25,5% of shares in federal property.

1997 year. The first in Russia flight data recording airborne integral system on solid-state memory “Karat-B”, functioning as emergency recorder and airborne automated control system was created in the Design Bureau with the participation of GosNIIAS and «Dassault Electronique», France.

2002 year. Scientific-research works, implementing adoption of new technologies under creation of intellectual integrated SUO of new architecture for Russian warplanes of the fifth generation, are completed.

2003 year. The foundations for basically new operating control, placed on Aircraft control stick (ACS) and Throttles control knobs (TCK) are laid. The devices are intended for installation on perspective aircrafts.

2005 year. The first in Russia unified data flight processing stand SRLP-U for all airborne solid-state crash recorders, produced in Kursk are developed.

2008 year. Modernization of development and serial production of the enterprise is completed. New technologies, intellectual and industrial potential, high-performance equipment are accumulated in Kursk “Pribor” JSC.

2014 year. Trade name of the Company was changed to “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” Joint-Stock Company in accordance with the decision of Special general meeting of the “Pribor” JSC shareholders dated 20 of May 2014 year, for the reason of a note, entered into USRLE. Payment details, legal and postal address, TIN and PSRN remained without changes.

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