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Labour protection and ecology

Activity management of working conditions improvement and labor protection of “Aviaavtomatika” JSC is provided in conformance with the requirements of Labour Code of the Russian Federation, specified by the Standard industrial norms, the List of measures for working conditions improvement and labour protection implemented annually by the employer, and other normative-legal documents of the Russian Federation.

  • Labour protection and fire safety are engaged at the enterprise exercising control of workplaces labor protection condition, applying personal and collective protective equipment by the employees, observance of the labour protection requirements.
  • Qualifying and sanitary surveillance of workplaces are carried out at the enterprise. Employees are supplied with free protective clothing, protective footwear and other personal protective equipment above the planned norms in accordance with the results of workplaces qualifying of working conditions.
  • Measures for prevention of emergency situations, employees life and health saving in case of emergency situations, including first aid rendering are taken. Production sections are provided with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and documentation. Employees are provided with instructions for essential fire-fighting application technical qualifications.

Environment protection at “Aviaavtomatika” JSC is organized in conformance with active normative-legal requirements of the Russian Federation, measures for new ecologically pure materials and technologies implementation are taken.

  • Local treatment facilities of the enterprise ensure waste waters treatment from galvanic and printed circuit boards manufacture.
  • Licensed sanitary-industrial laboratory of the enterprise implements ecological monitoring of work places condition.
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