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Stores management system

Structure of next-generation SMS. Any weapon – any board
Structure of next-generation SMS. Any weapon – any board

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC is the head developer of stores management systems SMS (SUO, for its Russian initials), accumulated unique developing, testing and manufacturing experience. Transition to integrated airborne equipment complexes, application of high technologies and new architecture solutions became determining factor on designing airborne equipment subsystems of 4+, 5 generation.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov JSC” Design Bureau – is a co-developer of airborne electronic equipment for modernized and perspective airborne vehicles.

Scientific-research and research and development (R&D) works allowed to:

  • create SMS architecture with transition from centralized to distributed structure, to real-time control system with different variants of data exchange;
  • introduce concept of SMS construction with realization of interaction functions with controlled and uncontrolled stores on optimization of suspension points distribution commutation and conversion;
  • create a unique bench base on the basis of COTS-technologies for exercising of stores interaction with airborne vehicle board;
  • introduce progressive technologies and equipment in manufacture, including for electronic radio device surface mounting on printed circuit board, automatized control and test equipment.

R&D complex was launched for the purposes of exercising of new technologies and principles of SMS construction for new generation airborne vehicles, covering architecture, circuit-design and manufacturing-technological designing aspects:

  • new elemental base searching and mastering, allowing to realize specified functions to the system, providing necessary security level, minimal mass-dimensional and value characteristics;
  • introduction and mastering of new CAD programs for electric circuits development, equipment designing and technological manufacture preparation, introduction of devices through designing on basis of information technologies;
  • search for new constructive solutions on heat removing and heat-insulating units, increase of resistance to exposure factors, electromagnetic compatibility;
  • new technologies mastering: laser components marking and processing, laser processing for thick-film and thin-film microelectronic boards, super-sonic ion-plasma spraying for high-current circuits, unpackaged elemental base, lead-free soldering, thin-walled casting for units with conductive heat removing and jacket construction, etc.;
  • non-defective development and control method at all devices life cycles: component parts incoming inspection, functional inspection, specifications correspondence control (acceptance testing), built-in control system with maximum possible control sufficiency without verification and checkout equipment applying;
  • SUO control methods development and introducing on SMS complex execution benches.

SMS complex execution benches are intended for airborne vehicles and avionics complexes simulation. Their composition consists of more than 2 000 interfaces (discrete, analog and digital), providing:

  • execution of units and whole systems functioning algorithms;
  • execution of unit-to-unit exchange and SMS interfaces with avionics complex;
  • execution of SMS control algorithms with aviation means of defeat.
Benches of SMS interconnecting
Benches of SMS interconnecting
Window of the aviation means of defeat simulator oò integration bench
Window of the aviation means of defeat simulator oò integration bench
Work at the bench SK-35
Work at the bench SK-35

The following novations are applied in SMS for the fifth generation front-line aviation aircraft:

  • a transition from mono-onboard computer in SMS structure to multiprocessor control system with functioning algorithm distribution between information-management system (IMS) of a fighter, SMS controller and peripheral units;
  • quantity of system units is reduced, SMS weight-and-dimensional characteristics are improved, the whole system reliability is increased as the result of functional and constructive integration performing;
  • algorithms of hardware and software facilities are developed and introduced, providing reliability control of received and transmitted data;
  • in-house development is introduced – different nominal solid-state load switchs (SSLS), providing SMS output circuit voltage commutation with short circuit protection and load condition control.

Complementary tasks are performed in SMS functionality:

  • warhead compartment doors and cannon unit control on aviation means of defeat application mode;
  • warhead compartment doors and cannon unit control on fighter preparing for operational flight;
  • providing of airborne vehicles individual protection from guided missiles with radar and infrared homing head.

Jammers expendables dispensing systems (UV-50, SV-26/32 and UBV devices) are developed, functionally integrated with SMS and providing high-efficient protection of airborne vehicle due to new generation intellectual jamming cartridges application.

Equipment working off of SMS control on object
Equipment working off of SMS control on object
UV-50 testing
UV-50 testing

Modern SMS constructive feature – is module project composability – gives opportunity to perform its stepwise improvement. Full-function modules set is created on basis of contemporary elemental base and high technologies, permitting to compose SMS under a specific airborne vehicle type, taking into account specific range of stores and quantity of suspension points.

The award of Holding “Sukhoi” to “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau staff in nomination “Best developer”
The award of Holding “Sukhoi” to “Aviaavtomatika” Design Bureau staff in nomination “Best developer”

Development of aircraft stores management systems for airborne vehicles – is a priority task of the enterprise. SMS development continues to be directed towards the subject scientific support and new technologies mastering.

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