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Operating controls

Perspective subject direction – operating controls development for any type aerial vehicle, consisting of:

  • aerial vehicle control handles;
  • reliable compact electromechanical contact type OC is intended for manual control signals forming (discrete commands);
  • reliable compact OC, developed on eddy-current sensitive elements and intended for manual control analog signal forming;
  • OC conjugation unit with avionics.

Operating controls set ensures:

  • logic realization of a crew with avionics interaction;
  • control realization on “HOTAS” principle;
  • minimum control panel viewing area overlap;
  • optimal ergonomic construction of a crew workplace and information-control field of cockpit.
Aircraft control stick (ACS) and Throttles control knobs (TCK)
Aircraft control stick (ACS) and Throttles control knobs (TCK)
Operating controls aboard Su-35
Operating controls aboard Su-35

Aircraft control stick and throttles control knobs set is installed on the aircrafts T-50, Su-35, Su-35C design by «Sukhoi» JSC. Possibility to carry out development works for creation of operating controls for using as a part of perspective aviations and ground technology units.

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