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Main directions of activity

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC – is a developer and supplier of aviation equipment for almost all native aircraft and helicopters, including supplied abroad, electric actuators for fuel and energetic complex, oil, gas chemical industry and power energetics, consumer goods and other.

Success of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC is connected with mastering of the most advanced aviation equipment models. The enterprise constantly introduces perspective manufactures, decreasing value and time costs, actively searches for development possibilities for rapid adaptation in world changing conditions of economics.

Main directions of activity:

  • performing of scientific-research and designing works in the field of aviation instrument making;
  • manufacture, including serial, and service maintenance of aviation equipment devices and facilities;
  • automated manufacture of machining process parts of different complexity degrees on basis of through automated designing system.

The enterprise holds stable positions in aviation instrument-making market in the subject directions:

The enterprise has serial manufacture of:

  • course navigation systems,
  • sensors and indicators of aircraft and helicopters elements position.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (earlier Kursk “Pribor” JSC) is a famous as developer and supplier of electric actuators for pipeline valves of CHP, NPP, boiler-houses and heating stations.

The enterprise production of production and technical purpose:

  • general industrial and explosion-proof quick shutoff single-turn electric actuators;
  • general industrial and explosion-proof shutoff electric actuators, and “for NPP” also;
  • general industrial and explosion-proof shutoff and regulating electric actuators, and “for NPP” also;
  • linear electric actuators and electric actuating mechanisms;
  • electric actuators and actuators control units;
  • electromagnetic actuators for impulse-safety valves of NPP.
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