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“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (before June 2014 year – is Kursk “Pribor” JSC) is a developer and manufacturer of radio-electronic products.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC activity is directed to creation of state-of-the-art avionics corresponding to the requirements of customers. The enterprise develops and manufactures stores management systems, interfacing units, flight data recording systems, operating control for next-generation and modernized combat and civil aircrafts, armored techniques, electric ad electromagnetic actuators, medical techniques.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (view from Zapolnaya str.)
“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (view from Zapolnaya str.)
“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (view of production territory)
“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC (view of production territory)

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC delivers the production as a part of Russian aircrafts to the countries of Asian-Pacific region, Europe, Africa and the South America.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC remains true to traditions which based on aspiration for excellence.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC is an aircraft instrument engineering enterprise, designer and manufacturer of onboard and grounded equipment for military and civil aircrafts – included in the list of strategic enterprises and organizations, approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation ¹22 dated 9th of January 2004.

Structure of “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” allows within the bounds of one enterprise to unite designers and industrial workers efforts, directed to maintenance of high level integration of upgraded and new airborne equipment on the basis of structurally functional modules, general computer systems and technologies, development and optimizing of software. The enterprise ensures execution of work complete cycle: from designing and batch production to effective after-sales service.

“Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC – is a stable, reliable and effective for partners and customers enterprise, which possesses all the necessary resources for qualitative development, manufacturing and testing of perspective aircrafts avionics, electromechanical equipment, devices of industrial automatics, also consumer goods output.

The enterprise aspires to long-term cooperation based on complex approach – development of after-sales service of its own systems, their future update and constant perfection.

Historical background

Vladimir Tarasov
Vladimir Tarasov

“Aviaavtomatika” JSC is named after Vladimir Tarasov, who worked as chief designer – the first deputy general director of Kursk “Pribor” JSC (at present “Aviaavtomatika” named after V. Tarasov” JSC).

His labor way started at our enterprise in 1960 after graduating from Gorkovsky state university and finished in August 2013 when he died during business trip.

V. Tarasov passed his labor way from engineer-researcher to chief designer — the first deputy general director. During almost forty years he remained unfailing manager of development department – the head designer of airborne armament control system and flight data recording systems.

Under the direction and with direct participation of V. Tarasov in 1970 year the first complex armament control system for attack plane Su-24.

A range of systems for different aircrafts was designed and put into serial production during subsequent years. Airplanes of the range are Tu-22, MIG-21bis, Su-34, Su-35, Su-30, MIG-29, MIG-31 and Ka-60, Ka-27, Mi-28Â helicopters.

In the 90-th under the direction of chief designer V. Tarasov the enterprise takes up its new steady position in avionics – designs and puts into production system of solid-state-memory flight data acquisition, control and logging. Afterwards, this direction got a considerable development – “black boxes” were put on aircrafts boards of MIG-21bis, MIG-29, Yak-130, Yak-40, L410 military and civil aviation. A series of production was certified for compliance with international standards requirement.

Under the direction of chief designer V. Tarasov in recent years one more new direction was developed – prompt aircraft operating control. Aircraft control handles, engine control handles now are placed on Su-35, T-50 airplanes.

Chief designer V. Tarasov was awarded for his work with title of laureate of the State award of USSR, title of “Deserved designer of the Russian Federation”, title of “Honorary industrial worker of Kursk region”, title of “Honored aircraft builder”, title of laureate of National award “Gold idea” for personal contribution, initiative and zeal in solving problems of military-technical cooperation. His long-term selfless labor was awards-winning by the government: order “Symbol of honor”, medal “For valorous work”.

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